ALL TOO HUMAN: BACON, FREUD AND A CENTURY OF PAINTING LIFE @ Tate Britain, May 2018. Session 2: ‘The Body’

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“Whenever I really want to know what someone looks like I always ask a queer – because homosexuals are always more ruthless and more precise about appearance. After all, they spend their whole lives watching themselves and others, then pulling the way they look to pieces.”

Francis Bacon

Are we just our bodies? Or are our bodies merely attached and inferior to our minds? Are our bodily feelings really ‘making’ our decisions? Should we surrender to the body? Have we diminished ourselves by taming or repressing the body?

Featuring the work of Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon alongside rarely seen work from their contemporaries including Frank Auerbach and Paula Rego, the exhibition explores questions central to who we are and how we see ourselves – questions about the body.

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Join us on the 12th May, 19th May and 2nd June at Tate Britain’s Clore Auditorium and find out more about the sensuous, immediate and intense experience of life in paint, as captured by these painters who strove to represent human figures, their relationships and surroundings in the most intimate of ways.

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Each event will consist of a panel discussion followed by an additional seminar led by experts from CPVA, allowing a closer look at the philosophical texts and arguments in play.

What Makes Us Human: The Body

19 May 2018 at 13.00–15.00 and 15.30–17.30

This event is the second part of the three-part series: What Makes Us Human: Conversations on Art and Philosophy.

Study for Portrait of Lucian Freud, 1964 (oil on canvas)

Francis Bacon Study for Portrait of Lucian Freud (1964) Private Collection

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Join artists, historians and philosophers for a discussion around the concept of the body in response to the All Too Human exhibition

Following this event there will be a seminar from 15.30–17.30 in the Duffield Room. Experts from King’s College London’s Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts to look more closely at some of the most influential modern philosophy on the body and embodiment.

This event is part of the three-part series: What Makes Us Human: Conversations on Art and Philosophy.

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‘Philosophy in the Gallery’ is a collaboration between The Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts at King’s College London and Tate, supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s.