NEW + film: Hester Reeve

Sacha Golob (co-Director, CPVA) in conversation with the sculptor and performance artist Hester Reeve on the relationship between art and philosophy, her rejoinder to Plato’s Academy, the role of personas in contemporary art, and her interest in the great rationalist thinker Immanuel Kant.

0.31 – Philosophy as Artistic Practice
11.23 – Ymedaca and Plato’s Academy
23.40 – Conceptual Personas: HRH.the
33.10 – Thinking, Dialogue, Speech
40.27 – Materiality
47.58 – Immanuel Kant and the Residency at KCL

New+Film: Kenny Hunter

About this film

Sacha Golob (co-Director, CPVA) in conversation with the sculptor Kenny Hunter  on the role of public sculpture, its destruction, and its style.

Film Chapters:
1. The Monumental Tradition: Approaches to Public Sculpture (0.45)
2. The Community: Sculpture and Democracy (4.25)
3. The Animal and the Human (13.41)
4. Destroying Sculptures (23.37)
5. The Toy Aesthetic and Post-Modern Irony (32.46)
6. The Southwark Memorial (38.32)