Phase III: A First Brush with Philosophy – October 2022

Love? Dreams?

What’s the problem?

You tell us.

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If morality is impartial and love is quintessentially partial, then is love immoral? If I’m aware that I’m dreaming, then am I really awake?

Maybe you think love can solve all problems, but what if love just IS a problem? How might you solve it? Perhaps you think that being in a dream means you must be asleep, but what if you are lucid dreaming and able to communicate with a scientist who is studying your dreams? Does that mean you are awake while dreaming? And if so, where are you – here or in some avatar world?

✔︎ Find your Eureka! moment

We’re offering a unique opportunity to clarify your thoughts and find consolation by exploring two ancient problems with an analytic philosopher

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Following the success of the Zoom series in lockdown, we are launching brand new ‘in-person’ sessions for the very first time in Bush House from 12th – 17th October 2022.

Each session includes (1) a participant who is new to philosophy (you), (2) a philosopher, and (3) a portrait artist

Sign up now for “A First Brush with Philosophy III“, and enjoy a 15-minute philosophical discussion session disentangling a thorny issue. For instance, why do we think morality must be impartial when loving someone is so obviously partial? Does that mean love can’t be moral? What is it to be awake? Is being awake about being aware of who and where you are? Does that mean that lucid dreamers are awake?

Meet the Team

Chiara Zucchelli Phi-Mag Editor in Chief & Head of Participant Recruitment

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We’ll match you to the perfect expert, you’ll meet in Bush House, and while you talk a portrait artist will capture your ‘a-ha’ moment.

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Would you like to be one of our artists on A Brush with Philosophy? We are looking for confident portraitists working in a range of styles to complete at least 3 and as many as 12 portraits. Please get in touch to find out more and apply to ‘’.