The Centre for Philosophy and Art is a major multi-disciplinary initiative based at King’s College London.  Its aim is to bring together academics, artists, curators and gallerists to explore the connections between philosophy, theory and the arts. We do this through Film, Podcasts, Interviews and Live Events.

The core research questions in which the Centre is interested are:

  • How can philosophy contribute to the study of artistic practice, training, and theory in the contemporary arts?  How should we conceptualise the role, limitations, and capacities of the visual?
  • How might philosophy critique or theorise specific methods and techniques within the contemporary arts?
  • What philosophical frameworks are currently dominant on the contemporary arts scene and how are these used to licence, support or theorise particular pieces of work or particular practices?
  • How have particular philosophers influenced recent and contemporary work in the arts and in arts theory?
  • How should we understand the relationship between philosophical texts and artworks  which share a common theme or topic?
  • To what degree can a focus on the concrete reality and sociology of contemporary artistic practice in the West act as a corrective to traditional aesthetic theories?

Above all, the Centre is committed to developing ongoing collaborations between artists and philosophers, and to exploring the way in which the format of such collaborations alters or deepens the interplay between the two approaches.


Dr. Vanessa Brassey, Philosophy, King’s College London
Harald den Breejen, Artist & Curator
Lucy Dahlsen, British Museum
Dr. Sacha Golob, Philosophy, King’s College London
Prof. Jo Malt, French, King’s College London
Dr. Ben Ware, Serpentine Gallery
Dr. Aaron Wendland, Massey College, Toronto