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  • ‘On the Sublime’ Panel Discussion at The National Gallery (Spring 2022)
Art and the emotions: The pleasures of regret
Organised in partnership with The Centre for Philosophy and Art, King’s College London, this panel discussion is the first in a series exploring the relationship between the National Gallery Collection – as well as art more widely – and our emotions. 

Regrets may be painful or bittersweet. They can be ethically loaded or merely a question of ‘what if?’. But above all they can be understood as a mix of reminiscence and grief over things that we have done or have failed to do.  
However, regrets may also determine our future actions and could even be perceived as pleasurable or productive. What might this mean for artists and how we experience and interpret their work? And how might art help us to understand the regrets of others? Join philosophers, writers and artists to debate these questions.

Speakers include Vanessa Brassey, lecturer and co-director of the Centre for Philosophy and Art, Andy West, author of ‘The Life Inside: A Memoir of Prison, Family and Philosophy’, author and arts journalist Chloë Ashby, and Sacha Golob, Reader in Philosophy, King’s College London.

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5-6:30pm GMTZoom
On Nature
Part of the Questioning the obvious series. A collaboration between the Institute of Psychoanalysis and the Centre for Philosophy and Art at Kings College, London.
Feifei Zhou
Vanessa Brassey
William Badenhorst
Chair: Alla Rubitel
Nature is powerful. We play at escaping to it, long to return to it, wish to conquer it, say we’ll protect it, and risk destroying it. But what is it? Join philosophers, analysts and artists to debate these questions.
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18:30-20:00 GMTZoom
The Place presents Dance No 2° by Sivan RubinsteinDance No 2° is a timeless dance, using ancient images of evolution and prophetic visions of the future to explore cycles of changing climates. It examines how human existence is influenced  by the land and elements we live with. All the senses are mobilised as we explore how to become a part of the natural world and where our place is within a fragile ecosystem.
Transported by a cinematic soundtrack, earth-toned costumes and a minimalist set, audiences  journey from the desert to the sea to scenes of protest, understanding how the land we live on and the planet we inhabit shapes us, how our body can be a planet, and the planet our home.
7:30-8:30pm GMTThe Place
Sound PicturesJoin keynotes Professor Mitch Green (UCONN), Professor Derek Matravers (OU/Cambridge) and Dr Jenny Judge (NYU) to discuss the relation that holds between the senses (e.g. sound and image) and how this may illuminate relations holding between sense and emotion (e.g. music and melancholy).

The conference will be a mix of pre-watch, pre-read and pre-listen papers, performances and expert interviews and a live event hosted through Zoom.

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4 pm – 8 pm GMTZoom