Kenny Hunter: in conversation

Sacha Golob (co-Director, CPA) in conversation with the Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter  on the role of public sculpture, its destruction, and its style.

Kenny Hunter
Kenny Hunter (born 1962) is a Scottish sculptor. He lives and works in Edinburgh. Between 2015 – 2018, he was Programme Director of Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art where he now continues to work part-time as a lecturer in Fine Art, Sculpture.

Film Chapters:
1. The Monumental Tradition: Approaches to Public Sculpture (0.45)
2. The Community: Sculpture and Democracy (4.25)
3. The Animal and the Human (13.41)
4. Destroying Sculptures (23.37)
5. The Toy Aesthetic and Post-Modern Irony (32.46)
6. The Southwark Memorial (38.32)