Phase II: ‘A First Brush with Philosophy’

The Zoom Series

Goodness. Love. No Anxiety. Maximum Moral Growth.

What’s the problem?

You told us.

We offered a unique opportunity to clarify your thoughts and explore ways to love better, understand anxiety or maximise your moral growth, by talking to an analytic philosopher.

Participants signed up for “A First Brush with Philosophy“, a 15-minutes philosophical discussion session disentangling a thorny issue. For instance, why do we think morality must be impartial when loving someone is so obviously partial? Does that mean love can’t be moral? Do we love beautiful things, or does our love of something make it beautiful? In our secular age, has Love been deified in order to fill a gap? What is Anxiety? Is Anxiety essential for life well-lived? What is moral growth? How may I maximize my moral growth? Should I maximize my moral growth or can I be a little bit naughty sometimes and still be good?

✔︎ Free discussion ✔︎ Free clarity ✔︎ Free brush with philosophy

✔︎ Zoom meeting ✔︎ Range of topics ✔︎ Range of times

How did it work? Participants picked a date, time and topic

We then matched each one to the perfect expert and the meeting took place zoom while a portrait artist captured an ‘a-ha’ moment. Now are organising an exhibition that can run concurrently with phase III – the post-lockdown face to face series. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, thank you to our fantastic Phase II participants and here is a preview of your portraits!

Portraits by Vanessa Brassey

Colette Olive
Alice Silverman
Lucy Dahlsen
Professor Aaron Wendland
Mathilde Victoria Prietzel Nielsen
Dr Jenny Judge (Expert)
Zoi Aliozi
Jenny Judge (Expert)
Dr Jake Wojtowicz (Expert)
Evie Redland
Giulia Corti
Deborah Pearce
Janine Stein
Luisa Pichlmuller
Charlotte Kearsley

Portraits by Alice Wright

Allie Joy
Rachel Sankey
Shristi Bannerjee
Beatrice Bannister

Portraits by Charlotte Kearsley

Aleksandra Voskoboynikova
Ali Rasooli-Nejad
Ben Callan
Connor Addison
Freya Holdsworth
Grace Catan
Ildiko Meny
Olha Pryymak
Outimaija Hakala