Artists in conversation.

The Centre for Philosophy and Art has produced a series of in-depth interviews with several leading artists. These can be found below in addition to a recent collaboration between Professor Matt Soteriou and Artist Ted Hunt which featured in the Bush House Exhibition 2019.

Sense of Time
Migration, Meaning, Time: CPA Artists in Residence 2019

Listen to the Podcast about the exhibit ‘Sense of Time’ Soteriou here. Follow us on twitter @Philosophyarts  to find out about future residencies.

Interview with Kenny Hunter: film

KCL Art Philosophy Sacha Golob Kenny Hunter from PhilosophyandVisualArts on Vimeo.

Sacha Golob (co-Director, CPA) in conversation with the Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter  on the role of public sculpture, its destruction, and its style.
Kenny Hunter
Kenny Hunter (born 1962) is a Scottish sculptor. He lives and works in Edinburgh. Between 2015 – 2018, he was Programme Director of Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art where he now continues to work part-time as a lecturer in Fine Art, Sculpture.

Film Chapters:
1. The Monumental Tradition: Approaches to Public Sculpture (0.45)
2. The Community: Sculpture and Democracy (4.25)
3. The Animal and the Human (13.41)
4. Destroying Sculptures (23.37)
5. The Toy Aesthetic and Post-Modern Irony (32.46)
6. The Southwark Memorial (38.32)

Interview with Hester Reeve: film

Sacha Golob (co-Director, CPA) in conversation with the sculptor and performance artist Hester Reeve on the relationship between art and philosophy, her rejoinder to Plato’s Academy, the role of personas in contemporary art, and her interest in the great rationalist thinker Immanuel Kant.

0.31 – Philosophy as Artistic Practice
11.23 – Ymedaca and Plato’s Academy
23.40 – Conceptual Personas: HRH.the
33.10 – Thinking, Dialogue, Speech
40.27 – Materiality
47.58 – Immanuel Kant and the Residency at KCL